Jewelry Designs Thus Far . . .

August 04, 2019

Pulled together all of the jewelry pieces that I have completed on my new journey to mastering new jewelry skills as a metalsmith.   Interesting, that all of the new pieces are dainty and small.  It kind of tells my shyness to show my newbie status as a metalsmith designer.  Peeking into a new world.

I am bursting inside with anticipation to advance my skills to take on more sophisticated pieces, yet still maintaining the architectural and minimalism aesthetic.  

Trying to build a cohesive collection is very challenging for me because my mind wants to do whatever I please, but then that produces a bunch of pieces that don't really match and blend together.

So I have to rein myself in and maintain discipline as I continue to design new jewelry pieces.

Simple, Chic and Stylish Minimalist Jewelry

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