Stairs and Perserverance

July 07, 2019

I love architecturally abstract designed staircases.  For me, they represent a metaphor to keep going, keep climbing, don’t stop until I reach the top.

While I am on my journey to acquiring the skills of jewelry designing and becoming a metalsmith, each Sunday I will post a beautiful, abstract staircase photograph to remind me of this metaphor (also, thank you to all the fabulous photographers out there who created these wonderful images).  

There are more days when I feel that I am tumbling down a rabbit hole, than days where I finally grasp a new technique or design a new piece of jewelry that I am so proud to show off.  

This journey is not easy and fun because of my desire to be successful now.  I have to remind myself that success is a marathon, slow and steady is best and I have to control my impatience.

I work part-time at a job that helps pays my bills and living expenses and I think of Martha Stewart and what she had to go through during that period of 6 months in her life that contained her in a small space.  Thinking of Martha gives me the fortitude to be grateful for this part-time job as it is giving me certain skills that are beneficial to me in life, mainly endurance and patience.

Architecturally abstract staircase

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